Please wear conservative clothing

Dubai dress codes


I have to admit I was a little nervous in regards to the dress codes when I was packing for Dubai. Fashion feels a little bit more serious when you can end up offending by the way you dress, and when the dress codes are written at the entrance of a building. 


My solution was to bring some items from my business wardrobe, things I usually wouldn't dream of bringing to a 40+ degree celsius summer holiday. And to embrace that long skirt that I had forgotten that I had in the back of my closet, -which even inspired me to buy a new one in Dubai. Long skirts are great! 

Turned out, at the hotel premises one could wear pretty much whatever (I even saw girls wearing thong bikinis at the pool (!!), but I would definitely recommend keeping it elegant and slightly formal. When you go out in the public to the malls and restaurants, the key is to cover knees and shoulders. Which for me wasn't really a problem at all, when I went through my business wardrobe, -I realised that pretty much was what I have.

I had a fantastic time in Dubai, (and truly recommend staying at the Westin Mina Seyahi, if you plan going there).

Now, my plan is to wear cut off denim shorts and no makeup, for the rest of my holiday in Europe. 

What about you, -do you have any comments about holiday dress codes or dress codes that went wrong? I would love to hear about it!