I've gone a little M.I.A and awfully silent on the blog lately, -my sincere apologies! I don't have a million readers on this little side-project which is my blog, -but thankfully I have wonderful readers who actually have the guts to yell at me when I don't update, -you know who you are and I love you for it! 

Above are some snapshots from the past, incredibly hectic weeks (click to enlarge): 

//1.  Max Mara showroom in Munchen, -I became really really sick on this trip and it lasted for 10 (!) days while I kept traveling around// 2. from the Stella McCartney showroom in Milan// 3. I've looked at a trillion beautiful things in different showrooms. This is Marni// 4. Cèlfie at Marni, why not// 5. Stayed at my favourite hotel in Paris: Gabriel Marais// 6. Tea with menswear buyer Patrik who had the flu as well on this trip, what a team// 7.  Breakfast at Gabriel// 8 & 9: Lanvin showroom// 10 & 11. In love with the Chloé collection// 12 & 13: Cèlfie at Chloé showroom and Givenchy showroom, I'm starting to see a pattern here// 14. Diane von Furstenberg showroom// 15. Floral cravings// 16. Celebrating the end of Paris pre-collection week with myself and I// 17. Back to Milan// 18. omg, another selfie, this must stop// 19. working late in the hotel lobby, this is the glamorous life as a fashion buyer// 20. fantastic article in Aftenposten K on Yves. A must read if you're Norwegian// 21. YES I am on holiday! Yes-yes-YES!!