Pack up, let's fly away

This will be a blog post a little outside of the usual fashion stuff, -but if you follow me on instagram you might have noticed some panic-stricken posts every time I fly to Paris and Milan for fashion weeks*

(*yes, -that is how I intend to wrap this post back to fashion) 

So when I met the lovely stewardess Kine for the second time in a short period of time, who happens to read my blog, -and she actually asked if I wanted to see the cockpit, I was kind of terrified but intrigued. I had a chat with the captain and co-pilot, Brad Pitt 1 & 2, -I mean Jan and Kenneth, and they even asked if I wanted to stay during the landing. I think I smiled like an excited six-year old for the whole trip, (but I was actually thinking "please turn around and get your hands on the wheel!" a few times). 

The whole experience turned out fantastic (for the smiling six-year old, at least), -and Kenneth and Jan explained a lot all the way through landing. It really reassured me to see how relaxed they were, -I had sort of imagined more stress to be involved. They knew exactly when there was going to be turbulence even before it hit, and the landing went super smooth. 

You know what, -I actually think that my fear of flying might be cured. I will see for sure in September for fashion week.

Thanks so much to Novair, Kenneth and Jan -and especially Kine who made it possible!