Dressing from day to night (the lazy way)

It's a bit funny, as I have helped countless of women to choose their outfits carefully for a special occasion, -my own style philosophy is quite the opposite: -no planning involved! More often than not I choose my outfit five minutes before running out the door, I've almost made a sport out of it (hell, -I've even tried that strategy before attending a wedding once!). I absolutely care about what I wear, and I want to look nice, but I also just love my spare time, my coffee, play time with my dog or nice conversations, or anything to avoid spending too much time thinking about my appearance really. 

My style philosophy is to buy wardrobe staples that I love, not just for this season and the next, but for many years to come. To have a wardrobe filled with staples that you really trust will make you look sharp, and takes the stress completely out of dressing for occasions. 

The skirt I wore last night, was a way-too-expensive lazer-cut suede skirt by Carven, which I'm so happy I invested in several seasons ago, or is it years? 

My motivation for wearing it? I didn't want to bother changing the sweater I was already wearing, -before running out the door. 

Haha. The secret is out. 

I wish you a happy and peaceful Sunday. 

xo Nina